Credential: Financial Management


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Many decisions you make have financial significance. Learn how financial concepts relate to organizational success.

In this course, you will learn key financial concepts such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, working capital, budgeting, forecasting, and more. You will also gain applicable skills used in a variety of finance professions. This course will teach you how to speak the language of finance by focusing on applying knowledge, financial up-skilling, and mimicking on-the-job training. 

By the end of this course, you will have built and practiced the skills to create financial statements, understand financial decision-making processes, and raise capital through financial restructuring.

Learning Objectives:

  • The language of finance:
    • What is the goal of the Finance function? How is the function and industry evolving?
    • What does it mean to “create value”? How does finance help created it and track it?
    • Create and analyze balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
    • Describe the role of footnotes and Management Discussion & Analysis in the financial statements
    • Calculate and apply financial ratios as a part of financial statement analysis
  • The ins and outs of budgeting & forecasting process and how it forms the drumbeat for many other company processes
  • How to make better/fast investment decisions using Excel modeling
  • How to optimize Working Capital (Inventory, Receivables, Payables) and why Cash Matters
  • How to raise capital to fund a business
  • How to optimize capital structure
  • What happens when you have too much debt (ie. bankruptcy and restructuring)

Credential programs are 8 weeks with 24 contact hours. To earn your badge of completion, you must achieve a minimum of 70% in 3 Key Performance areas: Attendance, Participation, and Activities/Assignments. The instructor will provide a specific rubric outlining the Key Performance areas in the course syllabus.


SPRING 2023: 1/30/2023-3/27/2023 | 5:30pm-8:30pm | Every Monday

SPRING LOCATION: Denison Edge | 300 Marconi Blvd. #200, Columbus, OH 43215

SUMMER 2023 (Virtual): 6/5/2023-7/31/2023 | 5:30pm-8:30pm | Every Monday





This program is led by Chad Zipfel. Chad Zipfel transitioned into higher education after more than a decade in progressive Finance leadership positions. From 2016 to 2018, Chad helped lead the turnaround of a $400m private company out of bankruptcy: rebuilding a new Finance organization, reducing inventory, enacting price increases, and refinancing the Company’s capital structure. Prior to that, Chad delivered top-rated results at L Brands and Procter & Gamble in diverse capacities and locations: ranging from FP&A, Corporate Finance, M&A, Innovation, Sales, and Supply Chain.

Outside of teaching, Chad stays engaged in the business world through a variety of means. He is the active founder of F.A.S.T. Consulting LLC: specializing in Finance and Strategy transformations as a fractional CFO for small/mid-cap companies. He is currently CFO of Jendco Safety Supply.

In the classroom, Professor Zipfel has made an impact across a variety of Finance courses, emphasizing experiential learning and practical application in multiple industry settings. Chad consistently delivers new and innovative trainings for the Fisher College of Business Executive Education program along with Denison Edge.