Credential: Financial Management


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Learn how to make informed decisions with a strong financial perspective.

DATES: 6/3/2024-7/29/2024 | Every Monday | 5:30pm-8pm


COST: $1,200*

*Free for Denison students.

In this course, you will learn key financial concepts such as balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, working capital, budgeting, forecasting, and more. You will also gain applicable skills used in a variety of finance professions. This course will teach you how to speak the language of finance by focusing on applying knowledge, financial up-skilling, and mimicking on-the-job training. 

By the end of this course, you will have built and practiced the skills to create financial statements, understand financial decision-making processes, and raise capital through financial restructuring.

Learning Objectives:

  • The language of finance:
    • What is the goal of the Finance function? How is the function and industry evolving?
    • What does it mean to “create value”? How does finance help created it and track it?
    • Create and analyze balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
    • Describe the role of footnotes and Management Discussion & Analysis in the financial statements
    • Calculate and apply financial ratios as a part of financial statement analysis
  • The ins and outs of budgeting & forecasting process and how it forms the drumbeat for many other company processes
  • How to make better/fast investment decisions using Excel modeling
  • How to optimize Working Capital (Inventory, Receivables, Payables) and why Cash Matters
  • How to raise capital to fund a business
  • How to optimize capital structure
  • What happens when you have too much debt (ie. bankruptcy and restructuring)

Credential programs are 8 weeks with 24 contact hours. To earn your badge of completion, you must achieve a minimum of 70% in 3 Key Performance areas: Attendance, Participation, and Activities/Assignments. The instructor will provide a specific rubric outlining the Key Performance areas in the course syllabus.


This program is led by Daniel Schuerman, a financially disciplined, process driven, analytical problem-solving leader with experience in various industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, and Professional Services. Daniel has diverse experience as an executive leader who is energized by long term business strategy, M&A diligence, and integration, and impacting short term financial objectives including cash flow, budgets, and data analysis.  Additional experience with IT strategy and projects including risk management, compliance, facility, and infrastructure improvements.

Throughout his career, Daniel has worked in business of all sizes and ownerships structures including P&L oversight of 13 distribution centers, Executive Finance and General Manager roles for a marketing and branding firm, and most recently as the Director of Strategy and M&A for a $200M private-equity owned manufacturing business – providing support across all departments of the organization.  Through that experience Daniel has branched out to consulting, starting his own consulting firm with 3 business partners, VC2 Partners. VC2 supports businesses of all types through its extensive network of members and partners on a fractional-to-full time basis.  Daniel’s currently supporting the private-equity space as an Interim CFO for an aerospace supplier.

Daniel’s largest motivation is helping others reach their potential through leadership, management, and extensive focus on community service. 

Away from business, Daniel is heavily involved in his community as a youth sports coach and is on the board of several non-profits.  Additionally, Daniel and his partners have recently started VC2 Service Foundation to raise money for non-profit organizations and create a long-term endowment for fundraising and volunteer recruitment.