Foundation: Negotiations 101 — How to Get What You Want


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Become a skilled negotiator and learn how to get what you want in your career and your life.

Become a skilled negotiator and learn how to get what you want in your career and your life.

Picture this: You’ve just received your first job offer and now you are in a meeting to negotiate your salary. Where do you start? Negotiating is a key skill to add to your lifetime toolkit. Learn the steps to negotiate successfully and achieve your best outcome in everything from negotiating your salary to buying a car.

In this two-session class, you’ll learn foundational negotiating skills, some common pitfalls, and test yourself in role-playing simulations. Discover and broaden your comfort zone as you gain insights from your own exercises, watching others, and professional feedback.

Learning outcomes:

  • The need to be a negotiator
  • Why we avoid negotiations
  • Negotiation fundamentals
  • Formal vs. Informal negotiations
  • Negotiation planning and process
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Practiced negotiation experience


Wednesdays: October 27 & November 3 (2 total sessions)


Online (via Zoom)


06:00 – 07:00 PM (each session)



NOTE: By participating and attending all of the classes, you will earn a credential that signifies the time and effort you put into this program. You can include this credential on your resume and post it to your LinkedIn profile.


Your instructor, Emily Tanoury, is an enthusiastic and diligent enterprise software sales professional focused on helping Fortune 500 organizations achieve maximum value from their data through cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, and Advanced Analytics, as well as determining the appropriate journey and balance of cloud solutions. She is currently working sales for Microsoft in Data and AI Solutions, with previous client experience at IBM and Harvard Business School.