Denison Edge Program: Leadership Edge

Get the edge in your power skills.

“Power Skills” enable employees to develop strong communication, collaboration, productivity and change-leadership capabilities – all critical to employee performance. Our Leadership Edge programs are tailored towards professionals who are eager to enhance their “power skills” to reach their full potential.

We offer two leadership programs under Leadership Edge:

Executive Series

A high-touch leadership and skills-building experience designed for executives and high-potential individuals. It is an opportunity for executives to learn how to lead more effectively, make progress on key leadership challenges, and network with others.

Throughout the program, you will discuss opportunities, challenges and apply those insights to homework in between sessions. You’ll emerge with a deeper understanding of your strengths and opportunities; new skills, tools, and approaches to lead more effectively. In addition to that, there will be opportunities to network with a group of other leaders.

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Cost: $5,200

New Manager Series

Designed for new managers to learn new skills, tools, and approaches to lead people and teams more effectively. It is a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of strengths and opportunities as a leader. You’ll make significant progress on key leadership challenges and gain access to a network of leaders throughout the program. 

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Cost: $2,600

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