Questions, Meet Answers.

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    What is Denison Edge?

    Denison Edge is an extension of Denison University’s career center. We provide micro-credentials for you to gain workforce-ready and relevant skills to launch, pivot or accelerate your career.

  2. 02
    Who is Denison Edge for?

    Denison Edge is for anybody interested in launching, pivoting or accelerating their career. Whether in college, a recent graduate, or have been in the workforce for a while, we’ve got the program for you.

  3. 03
    What is the format of each program?

    Denison Edge programs come in a variety of formats, including in-person and online. The length of programs ranges from one night workshops, 2-4 week accelerators and 8-week credentials.

  4. 04
    What is the cost?

    Our programs are free for Denison students. For non-Denison students and working professionals, a fee will be associated.

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    Who is teaching the programs?

    Our instructors are industry professionals and professors at the forefront of their fields. With fingers on the pulse of today’s job market, they are uniquely qualified to provide career-relevant skills for today’s professionals.

  6. 06
    Are there prerequisites?

    For most of our sessions, you do not need a prerequisite to get started. Our Business Literacy Lab includes an application process to ensure it’s the right fit for you. Please email edge@denison.edu with any questions about our application process and/or sequencing your credentials.

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    Are programs in person or online?

    We have a mix of in-person and online programs. It varies based on the program. We encourage turning on cameras for virtual programs so everyone can interact with one another.

  8. 08
    Will I need special software or tools to take these programs?

    No. If specific software is required, it will be provided to you by your instructor.

  9. 09
    Will I be able to put this on my resume?

    Yes! Participants earn an industry approved badge upon completion of the program. These look great on your resume, LinkedIn profile, email signature and more!

  10. 10
    Are there tests or homework assignments?

    No, we do not have exams or quizzes in our programs.. Depending on the program, there are assignments that may be assessed to ensure you’re comprehending the material you’re learning along the way in forms of forum posts, case studies and group work.

  11. 11
    How do I earn a badge of completion?

    You must achieve a minimum of 70% in 3 Key Performance areas: Attendance, Participation, and Activities/Assignments. The instructor will provide a specific rubric outlining the program syllabus in Key Performance areas.

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    My organization is looking to upskill our employees. Can you assist with the build of a program based on our needs?

    Yes, we can build custom programs based on your organization’s needs. We have a diverse array of instructors to address and guide your employees. Pricing will vary and group discounts may apply.

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    Can I rent space as an individual or with my company/group?

    Yes, either or. Please visit our rental page for more information.

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