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A top-tier education makes you marketable. Layering in workplace skills gives you the edge.


While the field of marketing is always evolving and expanding, it centers around the concepts of promoting, selling, delivering and generating revenue.

Marketers accomplish this by telling a story–either through their words or through their brand. In these courses, you will do both. Learn how to build a brand using strategy, research, and studying your audience, and learn how to write compelling messages in the language of your audience. These two pillars allow businesses in all industries to attract and retain customers, generate value, and build brand loyalty.
Marcomm Programs


Whether you’re aiming to grasp the essentials of budgeting or pursuing or advancing a career in finance, our diverse range of financial courses caters to all.

Our finance courses are fitting for both beginners and experienced financial professionals, offering valuable insights for almost anyone.
Finance Programs


Anybody can make impactful decisions when utilizing data.

No matter your role in an organization, learning how to collect, clean, and implement data is essential for setting yourself and your team up for success. In these courses, you will learn the basics of analytics on individual and organizational levels. Microsoft Excel skills are essential in most industries, so we make sure to include training courses in Excel in order to take your analytics skills to the next level. Make yourself a vital asset to your company’s growth by learning from their data and understanding what the next step is so you can implement what you’ve learned.
Analytics Programs


We’ve all received at least one dreaded “delayed shipping” message after ordering a product.

Our logistics and supply chain management course dives into industries that are crucial to the global economy–representing the veins through which the world’s goods travel. Learn where to increase efficiency in a supply chain and where to decrease complexity. Understanding logistics and supply chain management is to understand how our world works together.
Logistics Programs


Delve into the intricacies of business and master the art of making impactful decisions that foster trust and yield mutual benefits for your clients, employees, and/or partner organizations.

No matter your association with a freelance venture or any type of organizational setup, the foundations of business and project management remain universally relevant. Our array of business courses equip you with the knowledge and tools for success in organizations of all sizes.
Business Programs

Additional Program Offerings

Designed for liberal arts students and recent grads, the Business Immersion program is your opportunity to work directly with a wealth of top professionals to tackle real business challenges for a chosen client.

  • Business Immersion

    The Denison Edge Business Immersion Lab gives you the opportunity to tackle real business problems in a supportive environment that challenges you to be your best and gain the edge.

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Denison Edge aims to equally serve the career development needs of college students, recent graduates, new and established professionals.

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