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Workshop: Financial Planning for Beginners

If you’re looking to take control and get comfortable with your finances, this workshop is a great first step. Learn how to make financial decisions by reflecting on your personal values and how they can influence your financial outcomes.

Accelerator: Intro to Excel

Explore and get comfortable navigating in Microsoft Excel and learn to employ Excel for your basic data processing needs.

Workshop: Budgeting Bootcamp

Practice crafting your personal financial statements and a budget to set you on the path to personal financial success.

Credential: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

This course provides an overview of the key terms, processes, concepts, and methodologies used within Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Credential: Financial Management

Many decisions you make have financial significance. Learn how financial concepts relate to organizational success.

Accelerator: Data Visualization in Excel

Data visualization is more than building graphs, it’s determining how to showcase your business problems, opportunities, strategy, etc.

Credential: Business Analytics

Gain in-depth knowledge in the emerging field of analytics in business. *Click “details” to browse and enroll in 2023 Spring or Summer

Credential: Marketing & Brand Strategy

Learn how to drive value through marketing, with a focus on brand strategy.

Credential: Marketing Communications

Gain a strong understanding of marketing and communication principles to help your brand and business grow.

Workshop: Money Management

A bank is an important ally as you move along your personal finance life cycle. Practice navigating your checking/savings and online banking account to assist you in developing pragmatic cash management habits.

Workshop: Building Graphs in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel allows you to communicate and handle information with much more impact than raw numbers alone. You will get more from your data by learning how to build graphs in Microsoft Excel, from straight-forward to complex.

Workshop: Credit Management

Establishing a robust and stellar credit history early can help make your downstream credit rating work for you! Gain valuable practices evaluating various credit options, terms, and amortization tables to avoid creating a dastardly interest expense fiasco.

Workshop: Storytelling with Data

The data speaks for itself, but does it really? Inspire, influence, and inform your audience by building a compelling narrative based on data and analytics through storytelling.

Workshop: Crisis Communication

Are you prepared for an unexpected crisis at your organization? Learn to manage the message clearly and quickly when in crisis-mode.

Workshop: Income Taxes & Insurance

Well-informed tax planning affects what gets sent to Uncle Sam. Protecting your hard-earned assets makes good common sense and pays off.

Workshop: Investments & Retirement

Get practice evaluating various investment opportunities, risk/return tradeoffs, life-cycle investment decisions, and time value of money considerations to build the future nest egg of your dreams.

Accelerator: Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

Learn how to build and use pivot tables, pivot graphs, and efficiently produce summary statistics from your data sets.

Accelerator: Financial Statements for Decision Making

Learn how balance sheets, income statements, and statements of cash flows facilitate decision-making in business.

Credential: Foundations of Accounting

Understanding Financial and Managerial Accounting is a game changer for anyone in today’s job market, and this program will allow you to engage in a deep-dive exploration of this discipline.


  • Strategic Design Methods
  • Composable Strategies
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Special Topic: Design Thinking
  • Special Topic: Citizen Development
  • The Art of a Good Question
  • Nail that Pitch: Create Winning Proposals
  • Copywriting
  • Communication Ethics
  • Team Writing
  • Journalism to PR
  • Presentation Skills
  • Sales
  • Marketing Communications
  • Nonprofits
  • Freelancers/Entrepreneurs

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