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Types of


Introduction to a topic. 1-2 hours of content time. 


Gain literacy on a topic. 4-12 hours of content time over the span of 2-6 weeks

Credentials & Certificates

Deep dive into a topic. 30 hours of content time in 10-weeks.

Immersive Programs

Summer Immersion, Associate Development Programs, Workshops and more. 


Denison Edge is an innovator in providing stackable, in-demand skills and certifications today’s job market. Programs are led by industry experts with varying lengths and requirements.

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Denison Edge programs
Accelerator: Pivot Tables in Excel

Learn how to build and use pivot tables, pivot graphs, and efficiently produce summary statistics from your data sets.

Accelerator: Personal Finance – Everything You Always Wanted To Know

Stressed and confused about personal finances? The solution isn’t to make more money, it’s to manage your money.

Accelerator: From Side Hustle to Business

This course teaches you how to create and protect your side hustle, create a business, or move your business to the next level.

Accelerator: Stock Market for Beginners

Stock Market for Beginners dives deep into the foundations of the stock and bond markets and how they affect our day-to-day lives.

Accelerator: Intro to Excel

Explore and get comfortable navigating in Microsoft Excel and learn to employ Excel for your basic data processing needs.

Accelerator: Get to the Point: Learn to Write Well

Effective communicators are clear, concise, and conversational writers. Learn how to be that person with this Denison Edge program.

Credential: Financial Management

Many decisions you make have financial significance. Learn how financial concepts relate to organizational success.

Credential: Marketing & Brand Strategy

Learn how to drive value through marketing, with a focus on brand strategy.

Credential: Marketing Communications

Gain a strong understanding of marketing and communication principles to help your brand and business grow.

Credential: Foundations of Accounting

Accounting is universally considered the language of business as it impacts every aspect of an organization.

Credential: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Course provides an overview of the key terms, processes, concepts, and methodologies used within Logistics and Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Credential: Business Analytics

Gain in-depth knowledge in the emerging field of analytics in business.

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