Denison Edge Program: Business Immersion

An immersive experience for college students and recent graduates.


Businesses need innovators. They want you to be ready to contribute from day one to solve their challenges. But how do you show the quality of your skillset and capabilities when you’re just beginning your career? The Denison Edge Business Immersion Lab gives you the opportunity to tackle real business problems in a supportive environment that challenges you to be your best and gain the edge.


PROGRAM DATES: 6/10/2024-7/19/2024

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The Business Immersion program goes beyond the typical summer internship. It starts with a complex problem from a real client that you and your team will be challenged to solve throughout the six weeks.

You’ll learn and consult directly with experienced business professionals who will help you fine tune your leadership and creative thinking skills. You’ll then apply those skills as you network with mentors and pitch your solutions directly to clients. At the end, you’ll have a outstanding resume-worthy experience and a portfolio of practical business knowledge.


During one resume-building summer in Columbus, Ohio, you’ll network with business professionals and industry experts to grow and develop your customer experience skills in design thinking and innovation.

Designed for college students and recent graduates, this resume-worthy experience surpasses the benefits of a “regular” summer internship. Be prepared to:

  • Actively participate in a 6-week intensive program
  • Build relationships with attendees from across the nation (and the world)
  • Work and stay in downtown Columbus
  • Meet, consult, and network with leaders
  • Learn about the needs of clients
  • Work in teams and with mentors
  • Receive coaching, mentoring, and feedback
  • Solve real client problems
  • Pitch ideas intended to foster change
  • Explore your full potential, both professionally and personally

2024 Program Dates: 6/10/2024-7/19/2024 (Holidays: 6/19, 7/3-7/4)


Ignite your career.

No matter your major, the Business Immersion program prepares you to hit the ground running. You’ll learn how the customer experience influences all aspects of a business-and how to leverage this experience at each customer touchpoint to engage and influence the consumer.

Invest in your future.

The cost of the Business Immersion program is $3,000. Limited financial assistance is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Interested in learning more about the Business Immersion Lab or financial assistance? Email to learn more.

Here’s what previous cohorts had to say:

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