Denison Edge Program: FAQ

Questions, meet answers.

What is Denison Edge?

Located in Downtown Columbus, Denison Edge provides a hands-on, high-touch learning environment where industry experts help liberal arts students and graduates acquire the skills and knowledge to launch into, pivot toward, or accelerate their preferred career. We work with industry leaders to determine what they seek in employees to inform programs that deliver career-specific assets to add to your toolbox. Our goal is to make you an irresistible candidate and to unlock your potential to be the architect of your life.

Who is Denison Edge for?

Denison Edge is for anybody looking to get a leg up on their career. Our primary focus is Denison students and Denison alumni, but we also offer sessions for students currently enrolled in other liberal arts colleges, young professionals, and more seasoned professionals looking for a career pivot.

What is your programming philosophy?

We want to prepare you for today’s workforce. We work with industry experts and HR professionals to understand the skill and talent gap they’re seeing and we create programming and training to fill that gap. 

What is the format of each program?

Denison Edge programs come in a variety of formats, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid. The length of programming ranges from short workshops, 10-week credential programs, and immersive summer business programs.

Who is teaching the programs?

Our instructors are industry professionals and professors at the forefront of their fields. With fingers on the pulse of today’s job market, they are uniquely qualified to provide career-relevant skills for today’s professionals.

What is the cost?

Our programs are free for Denison students. For non-Denison students and working professionals, a fee will be be associated with some programs.

Will I be able to put this on my resume?

Yes! Students earn a badge, certificate or credential in many of our programs These look great on your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

Are there prerequisites?

For most of our sessions, you do not need a prerequisite to get started. However, many of our programs are stackable so you may need to take them in a certain order. A few of our immersion programs include an application process to ensure it’s the right fit for you.

Please email with any questions about
our application process and/or sequencing your credentials.

Will I need special software or tools to take these programs?

No. If specific software is required, it will be provided to you by your instructor.

Are programs in person or virtual?

We have a mix of in-person and virtual programs. It varies based on the program. We encourage turning on cameras for virtual programs so everyone can interact with one another.